You’ve probably  heard of the golden rule – “Treat others like you’d like to be treated” but is everyone like you? Do other people want to be treated like you do?

How about a platinum rule?

Treat others like THEY want to be treated. And don’t assume. Just ask them. Why is that so hard?

A good place to start is my usual favorite, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.


Start with Heart

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I facilitated a communications workshop this past week that starts with the admonition to “Start with Heart”. This is not meant to encourage people to care more for other people (although that’s always nice) but rather to ensure that everyone understands why they are communicating in the first place. Without a goal you’re often left with less constructive objectives like winning, not losing, looking good, not giving in, etc that aren’t really productive. What are you trying to achieve in life? If there’s nothing there, then there’s little to worry about or stand up for and you really don’t need to be that good that anything. On the other hand, if you’ve got big goals, then you’ll probably need help and knowing how to communication, lead, motivate and persuade people suddenly becomes real important.

This seems kind of obvious, but it’s probably a little deeper than you think. Every moment, think about what you’re doing and why. Are you getting closer to your goals? Are you thinking thoughts that will help you? Are you hanging around people who are helping or hurting you? Why?


As a follow on the last post, if you DO get sick, consider using colloidal silver. Although I think it’s probably safe, I don’t ingest it but use it topically. Siver kills everything including good bacteria so I don’t consume it but I’ve put it in my ears and used it in my neti pot for sinus infections, and cleared it up over night. Give it a shot next time.

Don’t wait until you need to use a neti pot to try to start to use it. If you’re all clogged up, it will be hard to figure out if it’s not working because you don’t know what you’re doing or if it’s because the water just won’t flow through a clogged up nose. That said, once you’re comfortable using it, you can probably clear out congestion after a few tries and done a couple of times a day – stay that way.


I haven’t been sick in about three years. Here’s what I do that I think is keeping me healthy:

#1 – Minimize sugars/sodas/refined carbs

#2 – Drink water. 1 oz/lb body weight. Add some electrolytes.

#3 – Use a neti pot everyday

#4- Eat or drink some kombucha, yogurt and kefir everyday. All is homemade.

#5 – Eat Superfood everyday (

#6 – Take fish oil/ Omega-3 everyday

#7 – Take Vitamin D everyday (except summer)

#8 – Exercise most days, rest one or two days a week (though will still do some mobility work per

This works great for me and probably will work for you too. Now, the only question is do you really want to be healthy?


I’m not going into alot of detail on these posts nor trying to convince you to exercise, eat right or in this case meditate.  If you aren’t already interested in improving then I’m not sure whatever I say here would do much – maybe I’ll try to motivate people that these things are important in future blog posts. Right now, I’m most interested in letting you know what I’ve found to be the best solutions out there (at least for me.) I’m not going into alot of detail since I”m providing links that can explain anything so far way better than I ever could. when I start to get questions, I’ll be happy to answer them here. So….. when it comes to meditating (and alot of other spiritual stuff) I think that Bill Bodri and Master Nan have got it covered better than anyone else. I’ve been using Bill’s books for about eight years now (after having gone though dozens of other books, methods and/or teachers.) Check it out and clear your mind.

Meditation Expert


What’s the best diet?

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OK. This is likely to be somewhat controversial…..

Based on my own experience … and everything you do should ultimately be based on your own experience, you own little experiment with a subject of one… I currently like the Paleo stuff. Ive down lots of diets (more for performance and health than weight loss) from vegan to Atkins and have even gone so far as to keep extensive logs, weighing and measuring all of my food and tracking my own blood sugar throughout the day like a diabetic and gotten lots of blood tests. Boiled down, Paleo means meat, vegetables and a little fruit, nuts and seeds. Personally I happen to like dairy as well although I get mine raw from a local, organic grass-fed farm and make my own yogurt and kefir (that’s another post.) For alot of free and really good info and podcasts on Paleo check out

Now that said, a good diet is simply not eating obvious bad stuff. If you just cut out all of the sugars and refined carbs (ie. white bread, bagels, donuts, pastries, etc) then you’re probably 80% of the way there. Nearly every reputable diet says to cut out the crap and that’s where the bulk of the benefit lay. This is also the key for weight loss. Diet is 99% of weight loss. Exercise is great for fitness but diet is more important for health and weight.

P.S. I don’t worry about cholesterol.  If you’re on the cholesterol bandwagon check out The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics at 

You just can’t have various groups and cultures with high cholesterol and low cardio-vascular disease and blame heart disease on cholesterol. That defies the very nature of cause-effect logic. Even just the correlation (association) is weak, let alone what causes what.

Here are the best things I’ve found for getting stronger and being able to functionally do just about anything: You can’t beat the price. Thousands of articles and hundreds of hours of great content are available for free and even more for just $25/yr (I don’t get a dime from this and am not affiliated other than having attended thier Level 1 trainer’s course.) If you think you’re in shape now – check it out and be prepared to be humbled. If you’re not in shape now, check it out and don’t be scared off. You can scale everything down. Kelly Starrett is a physical therapist genius. His daily video blog will get all of your joints working again, or working and healing better if you think you’re good now. This transformed how I swim. I used to fight the water and sink like a rock, and now I can finally swim effortlessly. The best way to get really strong. I’ve had a goal to total 1000 lbs (between deadlift, squat, and benchpress) since high school (nearly 30 years ago) in spite of being genetically handicapped as an ectomorph (ie skinny build) but finally am on track after discovering Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell (currently deadlifting 380 lbs, squatting 280 and benching 230 shooting for 410, 350, 240 respectively.) and Though not quite as dramatic as the swimming, this really changed how I run. I used to hate it and get shin splints easily, and now, though not effortless, it’s a heck of lot less stress on the shins, knees and hips.

Read up and do all of the above and you’ll save yourself 20 years of research and add even more years onto your productive and active life.


Welcome !

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Welcome to my new blog devoted to realizing your potential with outrageous personal development. Fifteen years ago, I registered as my first site and it was devoted to various Myers-Briggs books. While I’m still a big fan of the Myers-Briggs, I’m moving that over to the (also going under revisions.)

I’ve been a personal development and improvement fanatic my whole life. Academically,  I was salutatorian (fancy word for first runner up to the valedictorian) in high school, top of my engineering class in college, first in my MOS (military occupational specialty) class in the Marine Corps, have two Master’s degree and am more than 1/2 finished with a PhD. I”m interesting in learning about virtually anything.  On the health front, I’m closing in on a thirty year goal to total 1000 lbs in the three basic powerlifting lifts (deadlift, squat and benchpress) in spite of genes that left me being over 6′ tall and weighing around 140 lbs as a senior in high school. I’d almost given up on this goal until finally stumbling on what really works (versus everything you read in the magazines. I’ll get to that in future posts.) I got a couple of black belts on the way, can walk a tight rope and juggle  – though not at the same time….yet.  I’ve examined and experienced various political and religious ideologies and which we’ll get into in future posts.

On the “work” front, I’m currently the training manager (equivalent to a “chief learning officer” in the corporate world)  for the Office of Nuclear Energy within the Deptartment of Energy, after having been a uniformed Marine officer for over ten years, a consultant, and a civil servant for the Marine Corps and the Army (doing primarily managerial cost accounting and performance management). I also do various kinds of consulting and have a couple of websites – the longest standing one devoted to the works of personal development pioneer Frank Channing Haddock (

On the home front, I’m married to a wonderful woman ( and am the proud father of two little boys.

So these will be my musings on what has worked and is working for me after decades of looking at improving various aspects on the mind, body and spirit and occasional random thoughts…